Comments about Interference Theory


"this really sheds light"

"I nearly missed this gem. Harmonics...I am so glad that it is making its way into the public zeitgeist again. I will definitely be buying your book when it comes out, Richard."

"Very exciting work you're doing -- excellent piece, as well!"

"Thank you so much for this article. I will be buying this book when it comes out, and I have a feeling some of my friends (and my father) just had their stocking stuffers picked out :)"

"Now we're getting somewhere. Thanks Richard, that was brilliant."

"Good article."


"Ahead of your time, mr. merrick! I'm not sure that I completely understand the article on a first read, but your research is fascinating and I really appreciated reading your story of coming into this knowledge."

"Emcee Merrick, I always enjoy your pieces on what I suppose could be termed as spiritual science."

"Giddy. Ah! The revelations in this entire discussion thread are making me physically and emotionally giddy."

"Hot stuff! ... You seem to be on to some really great stuff here. Like Furinoa said I feel privileged to be able to watch this all unfold."

"WOW spelled backwards is WOW. Richard, this left me sockless, as it knocked them off. I'm savoring, speechless - a magnificent state. Consider one more book SOLD."

"I concur. I've been writing a piece about divine platonic geometry, specifically Phi and the perception of beauty, so this article resonates as truly fascinating. I will certainly be reading your work, just on the basis of your interest in the occluded histories of epistemological development."

"Thank you. Wow, this really brought a lot together for me. ... Your ideas explained in this article just fit so perfectly into the Jewish tradition, and yet it took your explanation to bring all the different facets together."

"...thank you very much for this article. In a world where so many things are telling you what to think, it's good to read something that shows you what you can think."

"Resonates with me! Yes indeed, exciting stuff! ... Looking forward to your book."

“Stunning work, Richard.”

“As a musician and a graphic artist, I find this article very enticing and fulfilling.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed your article and am considering the ramifications of your research. Thank you.”

“We are so excited by Richard's approach: number one being, for me at least: he listens and accommodates our ignorance of 'higher math'. He's translating this into, so far, almost every region of topic ever discussed on this site.”

“As a musician and a religious Jewess I found this article extremely interesting.”

“Wowee! Richard, I have to say that it's a real drag that we have to wait for your book! But - Thanks, too, for all of this!”

“What an amazing week--while the rest of the RS crew were at Burning Man we have been able to focus on Richard Merrick's blazing article. It's taken several days of reading and re-reading comments posted here to absorb it all, or at least some of it. … I have little to add to this discourse other than to acknowledge its importance.”

“I do not know how could one person could collect and analyze so much information, It really is mind blowing how you managed to collect, process and analyze huge amounts of complex information hidden in the dust of history, and expose such a knowledge so ancient, so difficult to locate and find proper sources, and so hidden.”

“Your work is absolutely brilliant and has filled in the holes of my work. I most definitely will credit your work as I want others to learn more about what you have discovered.”

“What you have written here is absolutely beyond brilliant and masterful work with the insight of an Avatar!!! Thank you so much. You have tied so many missing pieces together into a coherent viewpoint.”

“Richard, may I congratulate you on your work and your theories - which I believe to be the truth. It is a modern and scientific interpretation of ancient wisdom in a form that academics' could grasp. Thank God for this, and it is so refreshing to read in these times of reductionism, materialistic, mechanistic science dominated over here in the UK by the likes of Richard Dawkins. The intelligent design movement has helped people to question the dogma of Neo-Darwinism (although it has had a religious bias of course), and there have been other innovative scientists with theories that challenge the paradigm, but yours is spot on. Well done!!!”