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In addition to my research and writing projects, I have a lifelong passion for music, oil painting and the graphic arts. Beginning piano instruction at 8 years old, I became interested in music theory as a teen while studying jazz piano. Simultaneously I began to experiment with oil painting, eventually taking on larger projects later in life. These two passions, music and art, became the inspiration behind my career in computer graphics, interactive education, games, and rich-media communications. Retiring from professional life, I reapplied what I had learned to become a full-time author, artist, and musician.

As new audio and visual technologies evolved, I worked to stay current and find ways to use the new technologies to illustrate my research and literary ideas. In recent years, my interest in visual art was reapplied to such things as 3D scene modeling, figurative iPad art, album design, magazine covers, and illustrations while my love of music progressed into digital home recording and the latest synthesis platforms. In the process, I found ways to blend my personal fiction and non-fiction literary ideas into online and live mixed-media experiences, which were based loosely on the integrative live media approach introduced in 1992 as "The Grand Scientific Musical Theater." This section contains a selection of these exploratory media projects.