There has never been a more transformative time in human history than the past forty years. The use of personal computers connected over the Internet has ushered in a digital media revolution that is radically altering society. At the same time, media has evolved beyond linear audio-visual formats to include other types of content, including user-generated social media, 3D worlds and avatars, AI chatbots, and blockchain crypto-media.

As a result, many now spend much of their time immersed in a digital media ecosystem influenced by targeted advertising, political propaganda, and non-stop messages. Within a few years, game and social media platforms will be replaced by virtual realities complete with cities, shopping malls, and nightclubs where avatars are used like puppets to meet and mingle with other people. Where is this taking us, we might wonder, and will it be better than where we are today or just get worse?

As a software and Internet pioneer, Merrick takes us on a music-inspired journey thru the early days of digital media into a world of high-risk startups and breakthrough technologies. From the rise of artificial intelligence in the psychedelic sixties to the metaverse wars of the turbulent twenties, his sweeping analysis of the digital landscape will connect dots you never knew existed. By the year 2101, Merrick predicts the Singularity will be behind us and many will be living in a mixed-reality world moderated by a cryptoconscious mind. Will this be the apocalyptic nightmare many now fear or the idyllic paradise we have always dreamed of? The answer may surprise you.