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The Vajra Sequence is a sci-fi adventure featuring Dr. Josh Savin, a Princeton neuroscientist and celebrated inventor of the God Helmet, who has discovered a way to entrain the human brain with sound, electromagnetic fields, and psychoactive plants to enable lucid inter-dimensional exploration. With the help of Oxford ethnopharmacologist Dr. Màiri Winegard, Savin journeys into inner space to encounter a pantheon of non-physical entities, including the self-transforming machine elves, the archetypal triple goddess, and the enigmatic green man. Following instructions given him by the visionary beings, Savin develops an automated entheotech sequencer that enables him and a crew of four Russian psychonauts to travel through a series of non-physical dimensions. Along the way he receives knowledge of a universal power source, described in the Rig-Veda as the vajra—a technology long believed to affect human consciousness and influence events on Earth. Savin is told he must use the vajra to pass safely through the “vajra sequence" and build a coalition of otherworldly beings to help him avert the escalating religious war in the Middle East. Yet, against him stand a collection of secretive fraternal, religious, and financial organizations determined to sabotage his mission so the ancient prophecy of a final war is fulfilled. Packed with the latest information on the use of psychoactive plants and scientific technologies proven to induce visions of other worlds, Merrick’s latest sci-fi adventure The Vajra Sequence: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Religion blends research and theories from his prior books into a futuristic vision of psychedelic science and psychonautic mind exploration. Factual in concept and spiritual in its message, this book will leave you wondering what might really be going on behind the veneer of ordinary reality.