Original Multitrack Recordings


The Grand Scientific Musical Experiment is what I call my home synthesizer recording studio. The name originates from a large breakthrough digital music event I was involved in called The Grand Scientific Musical Theater held in Las Vegas in the Fall of 1992. I later adopted this name for a 3D graphic novelette I wrote and launched at a second live scientific musical event I produced in Dallas. You can read all about these earlier events here.

The purpose of this section is to apply this mixed media theme once again to the creation of new music employing the latest electronic instruments and recording methods to produce auditory soundscapes and unusual songs. This effort began by learning to perform and record many of the band styles I like, which can be found in the Jazz and Progressive Rock tabs at left. However, new original music recorded in my synth studio will be posted here over time. If you like what you hear, please check back occasionally for updates since your last visit. Enjoy! - R

Recent Compositions (more to come…)

Ask Alexa, original composition inspired by Amazon Echo.
Matrix One, original composition inspired by Dallas legendary jazz band Matrix IX.
Social Control, original composition by Rich Merrick, Rusty Smith & Norris Lozano.

Archive (pre-1990)
Locking In, Looking Out
Signs of Progress, Part 1 and 2
Full of Stars