Music Recordings

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The New Fusion Project is what I call my home recording studio and record label. I started out years ago multi-track recording all the instruments and vocals from some of the bands I admire, teaching myself how to recreate their different recording styles. Over time, I added more software and outboard gear to construct a fully networked synthesizer lab in my home office. Synthesizers now include a Yamaha Montage 8, Moog Minitaur, Roland System-8, Behringer Deepmind 12, Studiologic Sledge 2.0, a NI Maschine Mk3 drum controller, Roland V-Drums, and a large library of soft synths and instrument samples.

With this in place, I am now able to create any kind of music, which for me involves blending together diverse musical and technological styles. My compositional process is based mostly on intuition and improvisation more than traditional song writing or formal compositional methods. I typically stack several synths and record them simultaneously onto separate tracks in a single free-flowing improv performance, which I then edit down and layer up to create a finished piece. This allows me to capture special moments, emotions, and intuitive ideas often lost in the recording process while taking advantage of the endless possibilities available in the digital post production process. If you like what you hear, please check back occasionally for updates. Enjoy! R

(Recent Jazz fusion instrumentals 09/13/2020)
Spring Thaw, downtempo jazz using synth stack
The Grand Bizarre, uptempo piano jazz with middle eastern flavors

(Working album 03/24/20)
Church Of The Invisible Spectrum, original dream-pop w/ Shane Abel on background vocal and acoustic guitar
Something Beautiful, original indie pop
As We Knew It, original indie w/ Shane Abel on background vocal and acoustic guitar
Back In The Day, original indie pop w/ Shane Abel on background vocal, synth horn, and acoustic guitar
Change It Up, original rock w/ Shane Abel on background vocal and acoustic guitar
Ask Alexa (Remix 04052020), original dream-pop w/ Shane Abel on acoustic guitar
Power Of Two, original rock w/ Shane Abel on acoustic guitar
Game Of Pretend, original rock featuring Shane Abel on lead vocal and acoustic guitar
Limitless, original indie

(album released 12/9/18)
Dream With Me, original dream-pop.
Bluegreen, original dream-pop.
Waiting Patiently, original dream-pop.
Always, original dream-pop.
Time That Never Ends, original jazz fusion.
Deep With You, original world-jazz fusion.
Daybreak, original piano jazz fusion.
Ponder Awhile, original jazz piano fusion.
Dark Forest, original storyscape.
Majesty, original improvised romantic symphonic movement.

Other original recordings
Street Kid, original fusion rock by Rich Merrick, Rusty Smith & Michael Bard.
Social Control, original prog-rock by Rich Merrick, Rusty Smith & Norris Lozano.
Your Style, original fusion jazz by Rich Merrick & John Perez.

Progressive covers used to learn multitrack recording
Eruption | Stones of Years, ELP from Tarkus.
Breathe, Pink Floyd from Dark Side of the Moon.
Us And Them, Pink Floyd from Dark Side of the Moon.
Yours Is No Disgrace, Yes from The Yes Album.
Killer Queen, Queen from Sheer Heart Attack.
Madness, Muse From The 2nd Law.
Explorers, Muse From The 2nd Law.
Blackout, Muse From Absolution.
You Make It Easy, Air From La Femme d'argent.

Beatles tribute
Sexy Sadie
Glass Onion
Martha My Dear
Oh! Darling

Pre-1990 Original Compositions
Locking In, Looking Out
Signs of Progress, Part 1 and 2
Full of Stars