Unwinding the Cosmos

Most of us are aware of Einstein’s General Relativity Theory and how it describes gravity as the curvature of spacetime similar to the way a bowling ball stretches a trampoline. In torsion physics, this model adds a spin or twist to spacetime making it more like the surface tension of water going down a drain. As water swirls due to the change of density between the air and water in the drain, the water surface curves and curls towards the drain creating torque. Torsion physics describes everything as spinning like this into regions of high density.

For example, a hurricane spirals due to the difference in density/temperature in our atmosphere. As air currents gather large quantities of water into clouds, the atmosphere at the center of the hurricane becomes denser than the surrounding air, thus creating pressure and causing the formation of a spinning vortex. Our Milky Way galaxy does the same thing, but instead of a dense atmosphere it spins towards dense plasma gases that puncture a black hole at its center. It is this increasing density differential and corresponding torque that causes both a hurricane and our galaxy to spiral like water down a drain.

Now, as hurricanes and galaxies rotate they form arms that spiral inward. This is due to the “Coriolis Effect” which creates two rotating toruses (or donuts) of material spinning in opposite directions one on top of the other. As they spin, their circular outer surface also rotates over and into the donut hole causing anything on the surface of each donut to appear to spiral continuously inward like a vortex.
When the Coriolis Effect is perfectly balanced and most coherent, a very special spiral called a golden spiral begins to form. A golden spiral is a logarithmic spiral that gets wider from the origin by a constant factor of the golden ratio (about 1.61803) for every quarter-turn it makes. We can even see this effect in our own solar system in the spacing of the planet’s orbits.

Starting at Mercury, each planetary orbit (including the Ceres asteroid belt and the new dwarf planet Eris) can be estimated simply by multiplying each preceding planet’s orbit by the special constant 1.687741698, which is the golden ratio 1.618 plus the additional amount needed to create a highly resonant spiral. Amazingly, this method predicts the average spacing of planets within a tiny margin of error of only 764km from actual orbits. It works because our solar system was once a swirling disc of plasma just like our galaxy, apparently forming planets at every quarter-turn along the golden spiral formed from the Coriolis Effect.

The presence of the golden ratio as an organizing principle in torsion physics led the team of Haramein and Rauscher [http://www.theresonanceproject.org] to arrive at a Unified Field Theory that connects black holes to the structure of an atom. Their theory proposes that an atom is formed from the pumping or “breathing” of gravity in the space vacuum between the shape of a cube (dual tetrahedrons) and an octahedron, forming the simplest possible harmonically oscillating structure. As these two shapes oscillate, they pass through an icosahedron (or its dual dodecahedron) to form a golden spiral.

Space is then seen as being organized into a polarized structured vacuum, called a Schwarzchild lattice, organized into 120 tiny black holes, each in its own “cell” of the lattice. Each cell is itself organized as a 12-faced pentagonal dodecahedron (or icosahedron). The Haramein-Rauscher atomic model is then used to explain each cell as a harmonically oscillating cubeoctahedron that passes through the Schwartzchild dodecahedron in the space lattice (centered on a tiny black hole). This pumping action creates an electromagnetic Coriolis Effect and double torus identical to a miniature spiral galaxy or hurricane.

From the torquing edge or “event horizon” of the black hole in each cell of the space lattice, resonant atomic structures can form depending on the number of particles or atomic weight of different atoms. Of all the known elements, one particular atom, carbon-12, is more stable and resonant than any other element, accounting for its use as the international standard for atomic weight. In fact, carbon-12 resonates so well that it easily bonds with itself and other small atoms to form polypeptide amino acid chains and DNA molecules capable of evolving into the wide variety of water crystals we know as life.

From the micro to the macro, torsion physics describes everything as a double torus of orthogonal (or “right-angled”) gravitational and electromagnetic forces that together spin off resonant harmonic structure at the perfectly balanced event horizon between them. Based on this theoretical model, some scientists are calling for increased funding and research to find ways of engineering the torsion field. Nicola Tesla was the first to suggest this more than a hundred years ago.

Telsa found that when he placed two resonantly tuned electromagnetic coils near one another, they created a very strong repelling interference pattern and dense electromagnetic field between them. As we might expect, this then induced the double torus Coriolis Effect to occur and cause electromagnetic standing waves, known as scalar waves, to ripple outward longitudinally like compression sound waves. He found that these waves could even be used to transmit electricity without being absorbed into the surroundings like other waves.

In 2001, German scientist Dr. Konstantin Meyl reproduced Tesla’s wireless electricity experiments using a simple demonstration kit he built consisting of a dual-coil transmitter and matching receiver. He found that as the frequency was increased on the transmitter, scalar waves were produced that tunneled over to the receiver to light an LED. Sold as a simple demonstration kit to more than fifty universities, the apparatus not only proved that electricity could be transmitted wirelessly, it also showed that scalar waves could not be blocked by a shielded Faraday cage. More stunning than this, Meyl found that the scalar waves traveled more than 1.5 times the speed of light, confirming Tesla’s own experimental results.

But torsion physics and scalar waves promise much more. Scalar waves might also be used to perturb the vacuum to induce torque in spacetime and release residual zero-point energy still “seething” in the space lattice. Scientist Dr. Tom Bearden [http://www.cheniere.org] claims the spacetime vacuum can be engineered to violate the second law of thermodynamics by revising Maxwell’s outdated electromagnetism equations from the 1880’s to include the asymmetrical Aharonov-Bohm Effect. He likens this effect to “uncurling field-free magnetic vector potential” in the vacuum, thus releasing the energy still resonating as scalar standing waves from the Big Bang. This is something like putting up a sail to catch the wind only instead of air we would catch the virtually unlimited energy tunneling through the space lattice all around us. Every demonstrable example for over-unity “zero-point” energy, like water cars, hydrogen from micro waved water, air turbines or Bearden’s own solid-state electromagnetic device, would all obtain their extra energy by torquing the vacuum based on the Aharonov-Bohm effect.

Many other applications of torsion physics and scalar standing waves may be possible, such as mobile communications that transmit directly through the Earth, gravity modification and specific warps of spacetime to enable superluminal (faster than light) travel. However, mainstream science continues to drag its feet in this field by referring to torsion physics as a “pseudoscience” [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torsion_field]. Without immediate acceptance of these concepts through funded research and inclusion in classroom curriculum, there may be no time to turn around the economic and ecological impact of fossil fuels on the planet. As Dr. Bearden points out rather bluntly:

“Only by using vacuum engineering for electrical power systems that dramatically decrease our dependence on oil, coal, gas, and nuclear power can our economic collapse – and the possible collapse of Western civilization – be avoided.”

But perhaps the greatest loss in ignoring torsion physics is the continued misunderstanding of how nature really works and the very special role we all play in it. As Nassim Haramein says in his four DVD set entitled Crossing the Event Horizon: Rise to the Equation [http://www.theresonanceproject.org/products/dvd.htm]:

“Everything we see in the Universe is the infinity of the energy density of the vacuum in various scales. The biological resolution is the link between the large and the small. You are the event horizon. Instead of seeing yourself as an insignificant little dot that means nothing to the Universe, you start to see yourself as the center of creation. Everyone else is the center of their Universe as well. And thus we are all equal and we’re all one.”