Harmonic Evolution Whitepaper

To find our deepest connection to nature, we need look no further than the geometry of the human body. It is at the apex of creation, reflecting the beauty of the cosmos and embodying the order of its physics. Yet in spite of this self-evident truth, we still have very little understanding about why our bodies are shaped the way they are and how that might be connected with the evolution of perception and human consciousness.

This book addresses this question by proposing atomic resonance as a structural guide and predetermining condition for Darwinian evolution theory. Recent discoveries concerning the structural properties of water and carbon-12, together with the latest genetic studies and 30 years of independent research by the author, suggest that life emerges and grows according to predictable harmonic patterns.

This idea is demonstrated first in the human body then in other forms of life, leading to the development of a universal harmonic framework for the study of resonance patterning in all life. This framework is then expanded into a ‘musical theory of everything’ that integrates diverse fields – cosmology, perception, consciousness and social theory - all into a larger discussion of evolution. This revolutionary approach leads to a series of recommended revisions to the 300-year old Baconian scientific method from which a New Science might be born.

The Harmonic Evolution Whitepaper