Deducing spirituality from physicality

The following personal statement results from a study of harmonic physics corroborated by certain principles in objective mysticism (ala Steiner) and, of course, quantum physics. It is always subject to change and improvement, but it is adequate even now to help me view life in a larger, more purposeful context.

Everything in the cosmos is a form of crystal, condensed from light and formed into various geometries depending on their harmonic frequency (atomic weight). The form things take (inanimate or animate) is guided by how they resonate into the space lattice, which is cubic. This lattice is polarized due to pressure differentials and produces the geometrical effect of gravity and magnetism (which act at right angles to one another). Within this polarization, spirals form according to the Coriolis effect inside each minute cube of the lattice (making it perforated and permeable) which then bubbles up into larger and larger cubic spaces containing spirals, such as galaxies. As pressure builds fractally in regions and subregions, spirals close into spherical stars and planets traveling in spirals through space (creating conic sections that produce elliptical orbits). The size of planets and their moons correspond to damping rings spaced out from their star with greatest stability forming near an inverse golden ratio between their star and the outermost planet in the system. Near this point (depending on the star and other circumstances), life can develop, crystallizing beyond the spherical geometry of the planet into simple and compound Gaussian polar forms. Cells interact with the lattice something like a quantum antennae, transmitting and receiving information through the lattice within which it grew. It connects to a subtle boson energy flow seething through the lattice, making the lattice seem something like a projection screen or conducting medium.

When a lifeform reaches a certain level of resonance, it implodes upon itself, reflecting off the lattice and back through the HIggs boson boundary. This reflection process creates what we call consciousness, which is another word for being connected through the lattice to a collective consciousness. In simple terms, our body acts as a resonant biological robot receiver acting within a lattice theatre where we learn and play, therein continually recreating the cosmos. The neural net of our brain sends and receives information through the lattice by resonating with this collective consciousness (mostly as symbols received during dreams or reverie) while processing (pattern matching) incoming information from the outside world through the lens of our senses. Experience and memories are then stored into the lattice - fully entangled throughout all holographic space - while core personality traits are received through it. Emotions would also be transmitted and influenced through the lattice, giving consciousness feeling and a voice. Death is then the loss of the transceiver, but not the memories or core personality which remain aware and available in the lattice as they were before and after physical life.

It would make sense to me that certain non-physical (and advanced physical) life forms could have varying degrees of control over the lattice and frequency dimensions within it, these days appearing in a myriad of unquantifiable forms. The cosmos represents a challenging and even painful environment to drive the creative process, though at the most macro level it does not waste its efforts. From a purely logical perspective based on the natural coherence of harmonic physics operating at all levels of reality we live undeniably in a purposeful universe. I think the efforts of Men must eventually realign with this understanding to achieve sustainability and survive.

That's my spiritual interpretation of what I have found in my physical research. While I am appalled by the suppression of natural harmonic philosophy and physics throughout history first by religion, then science, education and now all of our institutions, I remain optimistic and hold the hope that great changes can occur rapidly to correct this. I even think we are heading toward a significant change that is part of a natural cycle and that we will see (and are seeing) this in our lifetimes. Not the whole enchilada, but a good chunk of it.