Venus synodic period

I liked this graphic because it shows the 2-degree difference in the Venus pentagon and also how it is not simply something seen from Earth, but a synodic alignment with Earth that forms a pentagonal pattern around the Sun.

The sky weeps for you, the earth quakes at you, the Mourning-Woman calls to you, the Great Mooring Post cries out to you; your feet stamp, your arms wave, and you ascend to the sky as a star, as the Morning Star. - Pyramid Texts, Utterance 553

Also, here is an egg pattern Venus creates over one-fifth or single synodic period of the 8-year cycle. Thus the Venus pentacle is five such Ishtar/ Easter eggs angled approximately 72-degrees apart around a circle.

Here's a similar pattern of the barycenter of the solar system relative to the sun.  It's a polar reflective interference pattern compositing the harmonic ratios of all the planets.