StarKey as Birth of Venus

In the diagram below, the Earth, Moon and Venus are sized proportional to one another and compared to the StarKey Mt. Meru design and Rosslyn central pillar to determine:

1) if the StarKey could represent a geometric harmony of proportions between the Earth, Moon and Venus within the intersecting Vesica Piscis region of two circles,

2) if the StarKey overlaid on the Vesica Piscis could be meant to symbolize the female reproductive organ, and

3) if the StarKey overlaid the central Shekinah Pillar was intended to symbolize the male reproductive organ.

Altogether, it could constitute a microcosm Birth of Venus symbolism inside the already discussed StarKey floor plan (see here).

The most impressive thing revealed by this study is the fact that all spheres fit into the StarKey design when the large pentagrams are scaled to equal Phi-squared x Moon_Diameter. This is an extraordinarily simple relationship and suggests something more than coincidence. The variance from this simple calculation to the actual sum of the diameters is only 1.1%.

The entire StarKey fits into a double gothic vesica piscis arch, resembling those either side of the central pillar in Rosslyn chapel. This, in turn, fits within an Egyptian Triangle identical to the one used to build the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

The size of these three spheres closely align with the Phi proportions represented by the StarKey design. Whether this was understood or not by Rosslyn designer Sinclair and Hay is hard to tell, but it is interesting that the musical angels are located exactly where the Moon is located, sitting on the (yellow) Venus pentagram.  

Proof method: We could determine if they knew this by taking the diagonal of one of the pentagram carvings and apply the same formula I used to see if it gives us the correct height of the pillar.  If it does, then it proves they used the same Meru StarKey design on the pillars as they did on the floor plan. All I need is for someone to measure one of the star's diagonals and then the pillar up to the star's horizontal crossbar for comparison. A proportional match between the pillar geometry and the StarKey would strongly suggest the interpretation proposed here.

Outside of the cosmological symbolism, the male / female symbolism seems undeniable. The Vesica Piscis and StarKey together are very suggestive of the female sex organ while the pillar itself is phallic. The two together represent a union and insemination, most probably representing Venus fertility and birth of the cherbim (Aphrodite’s mythological children by Zeus). This specific pillar location has already been discussed as the birth location inside the birth canal of the chapel (see here) with the StarKey overlaid. We can only conclude that the pillar location represents the insemination of Venus in the microcosm and the chapel Venus herself in the macrocosm.

Cross reference: When we divide Height of StarKey by Earth Diameter, the result is 2.2.  When you then take a look at this theoretical analysis of the StarKey physics I did several days ago, you'll see the same number. Earth makes for a perfect egg geometry when combined with the Moon. The size of Venus is the only thing keeping this stack from becoming a 100% perfect match to the StarKey.