Mayan Fifth Sun


This year ends what the Maya called a Great Cycle of 25,625 years, very close to a Grand Precession of 25,920 years where the Earth's axis tilt completes a Zodiacal Cycle. One-fifth of this Great Cycle was called a Sun by the Maya, equal to 5,125 years, which started on 3113 BC (using a zero year) and ends later this year 2012 AD.

It is important to note that the solar sunspot cycle repeats every eleven years. This number 11 can also be found in the relationship between the Mayan and Gregorian calendars relative to a zero year.

For instance, the 5125-year Great Cycle can be divided as 911 + (1101*2) = 3113 years and 911 + 1101 = 2012 years. This division is very close to a 3:2 "perfect fifth" ratio, suggesting the Gregorian calendar and Messianic Birth were calculated as a harmonic ratio of the solar cycle.

It also suggests that the 9/11 terror attacks were calculated (by some adept) as a kind of forced rebirth as well. When the exact start date of 3113.61 is subtracted from the attack date of 2001.69, the difference is 1111.92. This may have been a symbolic reference to Unity split by nine to create an infinite resonance, as in 1/9 = .11(...).

Can it be any coincidence that 2001 was the last solar maximum for sunspots and that it occurred eleven years prior to the end of the Great Cycle? Or, that the World Trade Towers were symbolic of the mighty twin pillars of Hercules - a symbolic 11?

Fortunately, we can understand the esoteric motivation behind all of this using simple harmonic theory. In the harmonic series, the ninth harmonic partial resonates synchronously with its fundamental while the eleventh harmonic damps against the fundamental, killing vibration. The eleventh corresponds to the tritone interval in a musical octave, called Diabolus in Musica and considered evil by the Roman Church.

Descending from the philosophy of Pythagoras, the eleventh represents calm and silence (even death) in resonant vibration. It was called the "schisma" by Pythagoreans and considered a crack or error in the cosmos. Because of this, eleven might have been used to calculate a weak point in the 5125-year solar cycle where the Sun (or Son) might pass through the solar schisma and be born into the physical world.

If so, then the zero year of the Gregorian calendar would have been calculated to begin on this solar schisma in the Mayan calendar (brought back perhaps from the Americas in ancient transatlantic voyages). Indeed, it appears that the Messianic Birth was invented by Hebrew priests using harmonic theory and then confirmed and made official in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII with the Gregorian calendar. The attack of 9/11 is no different - a spell calculated to change the world.