On Quantum Biology

Energy (fermions) then flows in between and around the cubes of the lattice like a wave while atoms (bosons) are energy that gets trapped in one of the lattice cubes. The thing, then, that keeps the atoms spinning is a continual "seething" or "breathing" of the space lattice, which continuously nudges the electrons. This is relevant to the discussion of life because every atom of our body is then kept in motion by the jiggle of space itself.

Pretty cool. The question then is what exactly is at the center of each lattice cube that attracts energy inward. One set of theories, which I support, proposes that space is a "Schwartzschild lattice" where each cube has a quantum sized black hole torquing into the center. This would mean that space is perforated and that electrons are weaving in and out of spacetime by passing through these holes. Around these holes forms a torus or donut geometry (Garrett Lisi's E8) from which particles of all kinds are spun off at harmonic proportions. These form a host of regular geometries, mandalas and cymatic-like patterns depending on frequency.

From this we then find it is the geometry of space itself that determines the geometry of life and sustains all material structure. Speaking personally now, I see the space lattice and its energy flow as a kind of neural net or mind which is physically reflected in the organization of the human brain. And, I think the God everyone is seeking is us (and sum total of all other life) resonating through this perforated lattice.

Once again the standing wave is the deepest physical model for life. Energy is reflected in perfect symmetry, stabilizing as a harmony between spherical energy and cubic space. This is the quantum mind behind evolution which biology has yet to accept.