2012 as a harmonic number

The number 2012 seems related to spatial resonance and celestial mechanics.

1. As a numeric geometry, 2012 represents maximum resonance, as in 20/12 = 5/3 = 1.66666666 a musical major sixth.

2. 2012.36 represents a maximum damping geometry, as in 20 / Lunar_Months_in_a_Year = 20 / 12.36 = 1.618033 or the golden ratio.

3. In fact, the orbital geometry of the Moon suggests an enharmonic egg-like variation on a 20-12-30 dodecahedron or its complementary icosahedron:

20 golden sections in a year
12.36 Lunar months in a year, and
29.548 Lunar days in a Lunar month

This is approximately equal to the properties of a regular "harmonic" dodecahedron, which are:
20 vertices
12 faces, and
30 edges

4. The Sun also holds a harmonic 2012 in its relationship to the innermost planet Mercury:

Sun's_radius / Mercury_orbit = 695,000 km / 57.91666666 Mkm = 12, ten times the "squaring of the circle" Pi / Phi^2 = 1.1999

Note that these are radius proportions, but when taken as a diameter proportion it would be 2 * 10 * 1.2 = 20 * 1.2 = 24. Think of it as a double octave of 24 solar semi-tones balanced symmetrically at the center of the Sun. It can be no coincidence that the Sun rotates at its equator once every 24.47 days.

There are many such 12-fold and 5-fold harmonic correlations to be found in 2012, but it does seem especially connected to celestial mechanics, whether it is the Moon, Sun or Earth in between. These are good indications that ancient calendaring systems did track planetary harmonies and that the Julian and Gregorian calendars were informed by this knowledge, synching to the year 2012 as the end of one very long cycle. Of course, what impact this new cycle might have remains to be seen.