Clavicula Salomonis

I didn't realize I had stumbled across THE Solomon Key until earlier today while reading a very interesting blog. I decided to take another shot at it and found it’s based on nested pentagrams.

It seems Solomon was trying to establish a geometric relationship between the pentagram and the dodecahedron by tracing the various intersections made by phi-nested pentagrams. The diagonal red line in the Key is 12 degrees or 1/30th of a circle. For comparison, a dodecahedron has 12 pentagonal faces, 30 edges and (4 * 5 = 20) vertices.

This can only mean that the harmonic balance between 5 and 12 was understood at least 3,000 years ago and was a harmonic basis for Solomon’s legendary wisdom. It was perhaps the first recorded fractal in history, since the pentagrams nest in golden ratios by aligning at phi locations at each level of recursion.

The key corresponds to a pentagonal cymatic pattern, which he may have created by vibrating sand on a drumhead using a 3:2 musical interval. It also seems to resemble John Dee's "mona hieroglyphica," which Dee considered to be the ultimate occult symbol. Turns out, Dee was right about it being the most occluded. Today, the pentacle is hidden in plain sight on flags, company logos and celebratory confetti - yet, never is it explained in school.