Psychoacoustics of the Texas Capitol

A pentagram star is placed in the center representing the Lone Star State, but more anciently symbolizing Vena, the Vedic goddess of Venus. In fact, a statue of the goddess of liberty stands on top of the dome.


The Texas rotunda even incorporates a unique psychoacoustical design. When one stands in the center of the dome, you can easily hear someone whispering anywhere else in the room. And when you speak, it sounds like your voice is outside of your body talking back to you. Between the stupa architecture and out-of-body acoustical effect, one gets the distinct impression of being inside a holy building.

In truth, American government really is a kind of secular religion. It incorporates all of the same features of a deistic religion except that the "lords" are human beings and entheogenic communion is outlawed. The goal of this religion is strictly to control the people while vigorously discouraging any kind of real spiritual enlightenment.