13 Proportion in Earth-Moon-Venus Triad

The Moon orbits the Earth nearly 13 times in one year while Venus orbits the Sun about 13 times for every 8 Earth years. This means that the Moon and Venus are inversely related to one another in their orbital relationship to Earth, separated by a factor of 8.

Thus, there are 13 x 8 Full Moons in the 13 / 8 resonance cycle of Venus to Earth. This can be expressed as the proportion:

(13x8) / (13/8)
104 / 1.625

The Venus-Earth-Moon system forms a geometric harmony equal to 8-squared or 2 to the sixth power.

It is because of this inverse resonance of the Moon and Venus through the Earth that I think these two bodies were anthropomorphized as complementary goddesses throughout history, specifically Venus and Diana by the Romans, or Aphrodite and Artemis by the Greeks.