Linking Merukh-t to America through Wales

Received an official coat-of-arms document for Christmas explaining the history of my namesake "Merrick". But, it didn't say anything about Merukh-t or Merrut being related to an ancient name for Egypt (To-Mera) or the Vedic legend of Mount Meru...

I've traced this etymology further, connecting my namesake to Venus:

Merukh-t = Moon = Left eye of Horus = Wadjet = the Green One = Hathor = Aphrodite = Venus.

This association supports my hypothesis that Moon does indeed sits atop Mount Meru and the Meru tower etching in Rosslyn's crypt and that it is intended as a symbol of Venus and celestial fertility. It seems also to connect to the Green Man symbolism.

As I've traced the name Merrick, I find it originates in the word Moor (meaning dark), which etymologically links it to the Moroccan cities Merrakesh (meaning land of God) and Mauretania - both sitting beneath the Atlas mountains of North Africa. It seems these North Africans and/or Egyptians migrated north across to Spain and into France, known as dark people or “Moorish.” This eventually became the French name Maurice which translated into the Welsh Merrick or Amerike. I think there may be a further connection to the Mayan name for the new world A Ma Ru Ca (the Land of Meru / Land of the Plumed Serpent) and Incan legend of Ameru Meru.

In general, we can link America to Egypt to India through the etymology of Meru.

Here is the Merrick coat of arms. Notice that it has a half lion / half fish symbol known as a Merlion coming out of the head. This is a reference to the Lion of the Sea, Merlinus or “Merlin” rising. The invisible tower within which Merlin is said to die is likely an allusion to Mount Meru, as etched in the crypt at Rosslyn.

The slogan translates as “without god you have nothing, but with god you have enough”. The pentagonal stars could refer to the Venusian pentagonal orbit.