Venus Transit Symbolism & Rosslyn

In the illustration, the geometry of 15th-century Rosslyn chapel is shown to be congruent with the orbital geometry of the 2004 and 2012 Venus transits using a combination of the Venus Blueprint and Vitruvian "squaring of the circle."

When oriented relative to the elliptic of the Earth, Venus is seen to pass along the east wall of Rosslyn corresponding to the navel of Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Here the Shekinah pillar representing the Hebrew goddess Asherah is aligned with the perineum to symbolize masculine fertility. But when the chapel is rotated 90-degrees (like a key), the Shekinah pillar aligns with the Vitruvian woman to unlock a birth canal, giving birth to Venus out the front door.

Nothing is contrived or forced to fit. The geometry of the Venus transit would be a feature in any Vedic temple, either vertically or horizontally, that was designed according to the Venus Blueprint.