Venus Transit through Rosslyn

The following illustration shows the geometrical correspondence between the StarKey floor plan of Rosslyn chapel and the upcoming June 6, 2012 Venus transit. This alignment proceeds an assignment of the 8-year Venus-Earth cycle first to the StarKey fractal, then overlaying on the Rosslyn floor plan. Since transits occur in pairs, the distance between transits is then eight years.

The result of this overlay is Venus passes across the altar section of the chapel. Rotating the floor plan 90-degrees and repeating the process results in Venus passing through the Shekinah pillar. Together, the two transit alignments create a cross through the chapel that meet precisely between the Shekinah pillar and the altar.

Of course, we can never be certain if chapel designers Hay and Sinclair knew any of this when they built Rosslyn, but the evidence is they did employ the StarKey design with the chapel’s floor plan. And, whether they knew it or not, the StarKey geometry aligns the chapel floor plan with the actual transit of Venus across the Sun. Notice too in the diagram at bottom that the transit moves lengthwise through the chapel beginning in the “Reincarnation chamber”, crossing the Shekinah pillar at exactly a golden mean of the StarKey. At the very least, this is an uncanny coincidence while raising the question of whether the designers intentionally incorporated the Venus transit geometry in their design.

One last thing. The Sinclairs are not buried in the crypt. Instead, they are buried directly in line with the Venus transit in the high altar, also called the “lady chapel” or “holy of holies.” Were they hoping to be swept away by Vena into the spiritual realm and somehow avoid another reincarnation?