Hexagon-Pentagon Geometry in Tryptophan

In the illustration, one can see that the adenine base in DNA found in the tryptomine amino acid is common to Seratonin, Melotonin and a host of psychoactive molecules. Its molecular geometry is that of a hexagon and pentagon joined together, which is called the R-Group and designates a hydrocarbon side chain.

In cymatics, hexagons are produced by a 5:3 resonance (=1.666...) and pentagons produced by a 3:2 resonance (=1.5). Not surprisingly, the proportion (5:3)/(3:2) represented by the resonant atomic bonding of the hexagon and pentagon is equal to 1.111... In short, the molecular hexagon-pentagon geometry is infinitely reproductive.

As an ironic twist to the modern name tryptomine, the mythical Triptolemus was the Greek's "primordial man." Always depicted between Demeter and Kore, he is handed the ear of grain to become the first to ever be initiated into the Eleusinian Mysteries. Initiates had to pass through his temple before reaching the closed-off sacred precinct of the temple of Artemis. Whether intended or not, Triptolemus is a perfect metaphor for the tryptomine family of psychoactive molecules.