Bosnian pyramids and new evidence for an ancient harmonic science

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

Yesterday, I sent an email to a Mr. Nenad Djurdjevic concerning his work on certain symbols he had found in the 10,000 year-old pyramids in Bosnia. I had read his paper on the trinity symbolism that he and other archeologists had discovered in the three pyramids, named after the Moon, Sun and Dragon. These astronomical symbols have long been associated with a trinity of deities across cultures and are found repeated on the emblem of the medieval Bosnian King Tvrtko.

The reason for my message was to propose a possible connection of these Bosnian pyramids to the Babylonian pantheon of Ba'al, Asherah and Lilith likely descended from a much older Vedic fertility cosmology. The Babylonian or Akkadian (ancient Hebrew) pantheon defines Asherah (Venus) as the wife of Ba'al (the Solar serpent) and Lilith (Moon) as Ba'al's mother into the Underworld or afterlife. This was different from the assignment previously presumed for the Bosnian symbolism.

Babylonian / Bosnian astrotheological symbolism

I proposed that the three Bosnian pyramids were temples to each of these Babylonian astrological deities (in some variation) and that they were likely descended from much earlier deities as described in the Hindu Vedas. This older Vedic trinity associated with the Bosnian pyramids would then be Vena / Shukra (Venus) as the wife of Indra (Solar or kundalini serpent - also Egyptian uraeus) and Kali or Candi (the Moon / Earth goddesses). Connecting the dots, an Indo-European migration could be established from the Indus Valley through Babylonia, Assyria & Turkey then into Bosnia. This is known as the Out-of-India theory.

Along with this comes the Vedic mythology of Mount Meru, the earliest model for sacred mountains and pyramid temple building. Meru was believed to be a transcendental mountain extending from the deepest ocean up into space with its summit filled with gold and populated with the gods. With its summit located at the North Star of Polaris - around which the other stars appear to rotate - this was the earliest concept of heaven.

The mountain was described as being filled with serpent deities called asuras who hid the gold and were lorded over by the Venus deity Vena / Shukra. Over this invisible mountain then passed the Sun and Moon, creating the trinity model. It is important to note along with this that Indian author Pingala (4th-2nd century BCE) also described Mount Meru as a pyramid of Fibonacci numbers.

Nenad responded as follows:

"The Venus symbolism is a dominant symbol throughout Bosnian history. The kite-shaped or pentagonal form of Bosnian stećaks (tombstones) is not coincidental, and of course it is closely related with the belief of resurrection. I send enclosed few photographs. Please be informed that the pentagonal orb appeared nearby a tripple-stepped-burial, a small pyramid we've discovered in Visoko area."

Pentagonal Tombstone, Credit: Nenad Djurdjevic

Pentagonal Tombstone, Credit: Nenad Djurdjevic

Evidence for an ancient Harmonic Science

Upon seeing the pentagonal shape of the rock and carvings of dual spirals, I immediately recognized it as a symbol of Venus. Furthermore, it confirmed my other research suggesting that an ancient science of harmonics once existed as a foundation for early religion, most likely deduced from astronomical observations of Venus.

In particular, the pentagon geometry has a long history of association with Venus, due to the pentagonal rosette orbit it traces in the sky over 8 Earth years. It was known as the Star of Ishtar and had 8-points matching the number of years per cycle. But, because of its five resonant conjunctions and 5-retrogrades with Earth, its pentagonal "star" was symbolized as a pentagram or pentagon.

Across many cultures, the pentagon is a symbol of divine order. It is also associated with a double spiral and infinity as suggested together in the Bosnian tombstone. This is evidence that some form of harmonic science made its way into Bosnia more than 10,000 years ago.

The Pentagon and Fibonacci Spiral

When a guitar string is plucked, it naturally forms a set of higher overtones known as the harmonic series. Such harmonic formation is caused by the natural damping action of the fifth wave partial in the series, which when represented inside a circle creates the shape of a pentagon. This fifth partial is what keeps the string from resonating apart (exploding) and instead causes it to naturally die out. Of course, every intersection of a pentagram creates a golden section, so the golden ratio is a damping proportion in nature that acts to "contain" resonance. And, as this pentagonal interference pattern creates pressure on the standing wave vibration to slowly kill it, a double Fibonacci spiral or opposing vortices form around golden ratio damping locations.

Harmonic Geometry, Waves and Fibonacci Spirals.

You will notice from this simple explanation of coherent vibration that I mention pentagon, die and double spiral -- all represented in the Bosnian tombstone. These 10,000 year old carvings correspond to the damping spirals generated by the fifth partial of the harmonic series, especially if you roll the pentagonal rock horizontally along the ground to form a wave. It would then match my theoretical model very closely.

The ancient Indo-Europeans would have learned this concept from astronomical observations of Venus. The 8-year pentagonal orbit of Venus is analogous to the harmonic model described above. It is my hypothesis that this orbital pattern was caused by a golden mean damping location between the orbits of Earth and Venus in the Sun's early plasma heliosphere. This then created a 13:8 orbital resonance between the two planets.

It was this damping location in the standing wave vibration of the Sun's plasma heliosphere that brought stability to Earth, enabling life to evolve. In this way, the golden ratio inside the Venus pentacle could be interpreted as a celestial fertility symbol and personified into feminine deities. When you then put the two spirals of harmonic damping in nature together, you can see how Venus and the Moon would represent a duality of feminine fertility first into Earth and then into the afterlife. Taken together with pentagonal rose spirals, pentagram seed patterns in fruit and 5-fold life forms, the Venus pentacle would have been the most sacred religious symbol for life and rebirth in ancient times.

Venus Star