Swastika Symbolism

In Hindu meditation practices, the Shwaas-tika is symbolized by a spiraling Kundalini serpent said to wrap around the spine 3 1/2 times before emanating out of the crown chakra. As a symbol of inner enlightenment, it is the Uraeus or King Cobra protruding out of foreheads in Egyptian murals. It is also the hidden meaning of the "Holy See" and giant pine cone sculpture in the Vatican courtyard.

From a physics perspective, this is known as the Coriolis Effect. Spirals in nature form when a pressure differential polarizes a medium so that it spins in a specific direction. This manifests in living things as phyllotaxis spirals and curved shapes. In weather patterns it rotates according to the Earth's rotation while in galaxies it is due to gravitational polarity in the surrounding geodesic space.

Best we can tell, the Shwaas-tika was invented by the ancient Vedic Aryans in northern Turkey (Armenia) located between the Black and Caspian Seas. It was this Aryan blood connection that caused Adolf Hitler to select the swastika for the Third Reich.

But, in spite of its unfortunate notoriety, the Shwaas-tika holds within its symbolism the theory of an ancient science of harmony deduced from spirals and circles. It spoke of the balance between Phi-damping and Pi-resonance - the infinite and finite - and idea that life can only exist in between. The serpent coils when it is stationary, but slithers as a periodic wave as it travels. So goes all things.