The Rojas Egg Model

I became convinced the two were used together to design Rosslyn chapel and the architecture of many other sacred spaces due to a combination of factors, including:

- correspondence of the golden ratio to the pentagonal orbital geometry of Venus,

- fertility symbolisms of the Cosmic Egg and Venus Pentacle in ancient astrotheological religions,

- unique harmonic and psychoacoustical properties of temples built in accordance with penta and golden proportions,

- relationship with sacred geometries, such as the squaring of the circle, the Vesica Piscis, the five Platonic solids and other harmonically balanced structures.

- correspondence to the human cranium (the "temple") and geometry of the human body.

A major influence in my early studies concerning the pentagram and golden egg is an architect named Carlos Calvimontes Rojas living in Chile who bases much of his work on the golden ratio and golden egg.

Here is a link to his analysis of a hen's egg: