The Medieval Symbol of Resonance

Seriously speaking, many see the Holy Grail chalice as the sacred feminine - a single embodiment of the suppression of women in Christianity (e.g., Lilith), perhaps in combination with the suppression of knowledge about Magdalene and the royal blood line. I think there is some truth to this, but I also think that a lost science was embodied in the understanding of the sacred feminine as a resonant container like Rosslyn.

Architecture was once the design of sacred buildings based on resonant proportions, such as the pyramids, Solomon's temple (template), the Parthenon and medieval religious structures like Rosslyn. These structures are sacred resonant containers in the same way as the sacred feminine is a resonant container for life, suggesting that knowledge of harmonic science is the deepest Holy Grail and thus a universal Principle of Construction (negentropy) to counterbalance the Second Law of Thermodynamics (entropy).

As we find in the 13 musical angels sitting atop 13 pentagrams floating above the 8 dragons on the pillars of Rosslyn, this knowledge was born in the 13:8 pentagram traced out by the light-bringer Isis/ Aphrodite/ Venus/ Star-of-Bethlehem (Latin translation "Lucifer") traced in the night sky by the planet Venus. This is at the heart of Pythagorean musica universalis, suppressed in its entirety from the Middle Ages through today.