Pentagonal Recursion to the Golden Ratio

There are stars on national flags and stars in corporate logos. If you do good in school, you get a star. If you become famous, you are called a star - there are even stars in the pavement of Hollywood. It seems like stars are a very happy thing.

But stars can also be threatening. The lone star state of Texas has the dreaded (?) Dallas Cowboys whose logo is a star. Policemen all wear stars as do four-star generals. There is a star design in the street plan of Washington D.C. and even the U.S. pentagon is a giant star.

The 5-point star goes far back in human history. In the Middle Ages it was associated with health in the body, but also associated with witches and satanic worship. It was used to describe the days of the week and the five wounds of Christ. In ancient times, the pentagram was the sacred symbol of Pythagoras and the Le Grand Pentacule of Solomon. The oldest star found is a Sumerian pendant.

"Here followeth, howe and after what sorte, Pentacles must be made; wherein all the science of the Kay of Knowledge dependethe." —Clavicula Salomonis

The first letter Aleph of the alphabet is "A", a golden triangle taken from a pentacle. The Star of Bethlehem is represented at the top of Christmas trees with a 5-point star. And, when we get hit in the head we actually see colorful 5-point stars just like those in cartoons (I know - this happened to me once). The list of starstruck examples goes on and on.

What exactly is going on here? Well, the short answer is there are layers of metaphor built upon something very natural and profound.

The pentagonal star geometry is a harmonic damping pattern present in all standing wave systems. We can see it in the 5-retrograde orbital pattern of Venus (the Venus Blueprint), the five-petal pattern of roses and the five-foldness of mammal physiology. Wherever stability and coherence arises in nature, there you will find the pentacle and the number five. This is because the fifth harmonic partial in a reflected standing wave (such as a musical tone) corresponds to the golden ratio constant (Φ=(1+√5)/2), which acts as a natural dampener to prevent over-resonance. Without this governor in the universe, atoms could not bond and would simply explode apart.

Not surprisingly, we find the same pentacle shape in the geometry of the human skull and brain. This is due to the fact that water damps carbon into five-fold patterns. When dealt a solid blow to the head, our brain resonates like a bell until the star can regain control and reestablish order.

This now brings me to my point. We find the pentagram star used today as a psychological control mechanism. It is built directly into the hardware of our brain and five senses and is at the center of consciousness. Because of this, it is easily recognized - even adored - and communicates order and stability to us on a subconscious level.

For this reason, whether used consciously or not, the five-point star is used to capture your attention and direct it toward some purpose. Corporations and governments alike use the pentagram to enforce laws and control society, much as it controls the resonance process in a standing wave as the fifth partial. Just the sight of it has a powerful emotional effect on us. We ARE the star.

Depending on your perspective, this can be either a good thing or a bad thing. As nature's arbiter of control, the star is ambiguous. Order can bring beauty and peace or it can bring death and destruction. These are the two faces of Venus - the Morning and Evening Star; Vena and Tara; Mother Mary or Mary Magdalene. So, whether it is used as the Death Star or the Star of Bethlehem, it is without a doubt the most important symbol in the world - indeed in the entire universe.