Golden Enneagram in Rosslyn Chapel

The organic quasicrystal of a real egg can be understood as a harmonic damping structure. The shell is where atomic resonance is least and where atoms align to form a crystalline lattice. Inside this hard crystal shell is a liquid crystal we call a yolk. It is within this circular yolk that the DNA molecule can resonate undisturbed into harmonic life forms.

Within the Venus Blueprint egg, the Golden Enneagram aligns with key intersections of the Venus Star fractal. It aligns because each of these geometries share the golden ratio. And, just like a living egg, the inner chamber of Rosslyn chapel can also resonate to create the psychoacoustical effects discussed in earlier posts, especially when warmed. Indeed, the closer the "egg yolk" of Rosslyn gets to a beehive temperature of about 93 degrees, the closer it gets to aligning with a prime resonant frequency of 432Hz.

Using only the Venus Blueprint as their "temple template," William St. Clair and his friend Sir Gilbert Hay were able to design Rosslyn chapel to demonstrate both ancient fertility symbolisms and certain psychoacoustical effects. The essential harmonic properties found in the temple of the cranium were reproduced in a temple of stone, itself tuned to the 5-fold orbital rose pattern of Venus.

* Note that William St. Clair and his wife's graves are located precisely at Re (the ninth or Harmonic Center) in the Golden Enneagram. This is the exact middle of the Holy of Holies area of the chapel and directly in front of the Shekinah pillar symbolizing Asherah (see link in comments). There is an altar there today and, like the Hebrew High Priest, this would have been where they might have taken their entheogenic communion.