Rosslyn chapel as Venus StarKey

Beginning with the harmonic theory set forth in my first book Interference, I am now 100% convinced that Rosslyn chapel was designed as a symbol for the Music of the Spheres and temple to celebrate the Venus Transit. While this has been extended with the Meru StarKey design since my visit to Edinburgh in May, my original work remains the theoretical foundation from which it is based. Below, I summarize the essential points.


As first defined here in Interference, the planetary mappings to the 12 solar rings relative to the key of C is:

Sun D, the Harmonic Center, supertonic or ninth partial. It's radius is the first orbital ring.
Mercury C#, pulling down to Venus
Venus C, the fundamental frequency and tonic of the solar system
Earth B, the leading tone pulling up to C, Venus
Mars A#
Ceres A, the inverse dominant and broken planet (explained in my book)
Jupiter G#, the inverse Harmonic Center or inverse supertonic
Saturn G, the dominant
Uranus F#
Neptune F, the inverse leading tone
Pluto E, the inverse tonic
Eris D#

Measured from the Sun in this way, the following symbolic associations for Rosslyn can be deduced:

1. Sun and Jupiter are nodes in the vibrating plate of the heliospheric current sheet, forming a tritonal Harmonic Axis of {D, G#} around which other harmonics emerge as orbital rings. I explain how this works in Interference, but it is the reason the solar system is divided into the inner and outer planets.

2. The center B (Bee) of the treble staff represents resonant Earth. Consider that the Earth forms a minor third {B, D} with the Sun, a 6:5 proportion that has the same maximal resonant strength in an octave as a major sixth.

3. Earth and Venus then form a "dissonant" semitone that "beats." This beat occurs 5 times for every 8 Earth years or 13 Venus years. This translates into the Rosslyn symbolism of 8 dragons and 13 angels. The dragon-serpent is a symbol for Earth while the cherubim (angels) are symbols for Venus fertility.

Note: This is why I named the third chapter in my Grand Scientific Musical Theatre (GSMT) e-book "Rosslyn Dragon" and clothed the William Sinclair character in a dragon vest on page 34. As we have since confirmed, the Sinclairs are blood relatives of the Dragon Court of the Meruvingians through Rene d'Anjou. But why dragons? Here’s why...

4. One of the two commas (or Landau damping locations) in the solar system sits between Earth and Venus. Relative to the Sun as Harmonic Center, this is a solar golden mean of 1.618 located between Earth, an 8:5 or 1.6 proportion, and Venus, a 5:3 or 1.6666666 proportion. Notice that Earth and Venus share the 5 proportion, which is why they beat 5 times into a pentagonal rose over 8 Earth years. This is explained on p. 328 in Interference.

But my main point here is there is a solar golden mean between them - based on the square root of 5 - that is the center of a spiraling vortex that once existed in the solar plasma disc. Ancient astronomical knowledge of this heliospheric vortex (probably deduced from orbital ratios) is what I believe is the true source of the dragon-serpent symbolism and why the spiraling Fibonacci series was associated with serpents. The mythical golden top of Mt. Meru, at the center of this Fibonacci spiral and Spira Mirabilis, once imploded as a plasma swirl into the golden mean Landau damping location in the space between Earth and Venus. This was the synchronizing event during the formation of Venus and Earth, causing Venus to rotate in an opposite direction.

5. During the Venus Transit, the distance between Earth and Venus is 149.6 million kilometers while the distance of Venus to the Sun is 108.2 million kilometers. As a proportion, 149.6 / 108.2 is equal to 1.38262 which is a diminished fifth or tritone approximately equal to 25:18. Note that this can be factored as 5:3 * 5:6, which are the intervals corresponding to Venus and Earth relative to the Sun. My point here is Venus and Earth are at their maximum balance with one another and to the Sun during a Venus Transit when Venus forms a micro tritone with Earth (midway between B and D).

I propose that this accounts for the well-known symbolic phrase "Birth of Venus." This birth occurs through the tritonal crack that Pythagoras called the "schisma" which corresponds to the Venus Transit. Out of the Venus schisma is symbolically born the cheribim as a virgin birth, inseminated by Zeus as the Sun god of Greek mythology. I symbolized this in my GSMT e-book on pages 66 and 77 as Hercules (a symbol for Earth resonance) cleaving open the schisma of Venus (the fundamental), through which the Sun shines in. The schisma was symbolized in this book in two ways - Gabriel split apart as an angel and dragon and then later as the counterbalancing children of Harmonia and Eris (perceptual qualities of consonance and dissonance).

Now using the StarKey Design based on Mt. Meru (the tip of which is Lemuria, Mu or the Moon), the following would apply:

This inseminating transit (or conception point) is represented in the geometry of Rosslyn as the center Shekinah pillar before the altar (the green dot in the diagram). The birth canal runs along the vertical dashed line in the middle starting with the Sun at the far east (top) end of the crypt, through the "Reincarnation Chamber,” flowing into the chapel’s eastern windows and through Venus at the central Shekinah pillar. The canal then enters the Earthly realm and ends at the western front door of the chapel (see Earth-Moon egg diagram).

Click here to see a larger image.

The entire chapel (including crypt) is then a symbolic exploration of the space between Earth and the Sun. With the exception of the altar area in front of the Shekinah pillar, the chapel space above ground represents the region between Earth and Venus. So inside the chapel, worshipers sit in the Spira Mirabilis vortex that once existed in the plasma between Earth and Venus. During a transit, worshipers would then watch as Venus engages in “celestial intercourse” with Earth at the Shekinah pillar, a phallic symbol placed inside the symbolic birth canal. Out of this union, Venus gives birth to the musical angels and mortal life in the Earthly chapel below.

Rosslyn is thus a temple to fertility - not just of Venusian femininity, but through Venus every time there is a Venus Transit and light travels down the celestial birth canal from the Sun (Zeus) to Earth (Hercules). The most amazing thing about this is it's more than mythology, it is a personification of the harmonic physics involved in the solar system that enables life on this planet. It tells us that the solar system is the precondition to all life and we here on Earth are a reflection of its harmony and enfoldment of its physics.

Here is a picture of Scottish composer Stuart Mitchell next to the window at the far east end of the crypt outside the “Reincarnation Chamber” where the sunshine pours in.