Pyramid Geometry in the Vedic Sri Yantra Meru

When the Yantra geometry is perfectly balanced, an Egyptian triangle like that used to design the Great Pyramid will appear. Interestingly, this triangle is found inside the Venus Blueprint as an interior proportion of a golden egg (e.g., Cosmic Egg).

Through this geometric congruence, we can link Egyptian and Hindu Vedic cosmologies and religions. In a Vedic temple, the Egyptian triangle is even a hidden property of the sacred space. Its dimensions are represented in the proportions of the Venus Blueprint, though the actual temple design will determine whether it is fully activated or not.

Apparently, the Egyptians believed the triangle in the pyramid to be the prime geometry, most likely because it is composed of golden means. Experiments have proven that a golden pyramid based on the Egyptian triangle acts like a capacitor or battery to collect and store electrostatic energy. There are even U.S. patents for this.

This begs the question as to whether electromagnetic energies resonate inside the temples as well as sound. Findings presented in my book suggest this may be so.