The StarKey

If you were the designer of the universe, how would you bootstrap life?

An egg can be described as a dimensional unfolding of space. This process begins as the pressure of gravity causes atoms to align and polarize into harmonic (or cymatic) patterns inside the quantum space lattice. The most primitive construct of space is a uniform sphere. However, since life unfolds in time, the most primitive construct of life as it travels through time is an egg.

If the fundamental frequency or diameter of the sphere is 2Pi (a sinusoidal period) and the recursion factor is Phi-cubed, calculated as ((sqrt(5) - 1) / 2)^3, then space and time can amplify one another into a 3-dimensional “StarKey” egg as:

(2Pi * ((sqrt(5) - 1) / 2)^3)^2 2.200056809346407

This 3D egg can be approximated by the simple rational fraction:

11/ 5 = 2.2

Such a geometry appears to be the most efficient way to reproduce a unit of space at a reduced order of magnitude (1.1) while simultaneously increasing its amplitude two-fold (2.2) to counterbalance relative size reduction. Thus, more energy is packed into a smaller volume, creating a pressurized plenum chamber within which carbon-water crystals can form (i.e., life).

Stated plainly, life is an inevitable feature of spacetime.