A Truth Table for belief

A while back I wrote down the following "truth table of belief" ranked from highest believability to lowest.

1. Experience directly through five senses, especially when I can hold something in my hand,
2. Experience indirectly through tools, like telescopes, mathematics, etc., without interpretation by another person,
3. Experience indirectly through tools and an interpretation by someone I trust, meaning their conclusions parallel my own experience and research,
4. Observable evidence, such as data, photos, audio-video from a reliable 3rd party,
5. Speak directly with someone who has had a direct observation and whom I trust (through reputation and/or writings).
6. Recorded observations supported by evidence by someone I trust and/or corroborated by others,
7. Recorded observations that have been interpreted and/or transcribed by at least one other person,
8. Written accounts attributed strictly to personal revelation (could be a mental disorder),

I have never personally seen a UFO or walked a crop circle, yet the preponderance of evidence, much by trustworthy people, is very convincing for me that some phenomena exist. Still, this is not as convincing as experiencing it myself, which I have not (unfortunately). As a result, my belief system and world view is "focused" toward the immediately knowable (#1 - #3) while rapidly becoming fuzzier as information comes to me through more and more layers. I think my (or anyone's) efforts will have greater reach and traction by staying in the top tiers of provability while remaining open to and informed by the lower belief tiers.

Studying a phenomenon is a different matter from believing it. And believing is a matter of degree and probability based on personal experience.