The Passion of Luna

If Venus loves the Earth, then Luna must also have a passion for the Earth, just as many women feel intuitively on a clear, cool night.

Why would I say this? Well, the Moon orbits the Earth nearly 13 times in one year while Venus orbits the Sun about 13 years for every 8 Earth years. This suggests that the Moon and Venus are inversely related to one another in their orbital relationship to Earth through a factor of 13 -- separated by an 8 times (octave) frequency doubling relationship through the Earth.

It is because of this inverse relationship of the Moon and Venus to the Earth that I think these two spheres were anthropomorphized as complementary goddesses throughout history, specifically Venus and Diana by the Romans, or Aphrodite and Artemis by the Greeks. This has been illustrated many times, but I think the 19th century painter William Adolph Bourguereau represents this polar opposition best in his depictions of Venus and Diana, here shown side by side:

Venus (at left) is being born from the sea inside a shell and surrounded by her children the Cherbim, just as Botticelli had already depicted in the 15th century. Sound resonating from the sea shells are making this happen.

Diana (at right with the moon behind her) appears in the same pose as Venus. Notice that her garment is arranged in the shape of a human brain just like the background in Michaelangelo's God Creates Man in the Sistine chapel. Her elbow even suggests a cerebellum at the base of the brain. Descended from Greek Artemis (Temple at Ephesus in Turkey) which descended from Isis and Sumerian Innana, the artist appears to be suggesting that the Moon is inside our head.

The linking of the Moon and Venus can still be found today in the star-moon symbols used on Islamic country flags.

Moon-Star Flag of Turkey I photographed this Summer at Ephesus:

Moon-Star Flag of Tunisia near Carthage, also this Summer

One last note. Diana's festival was once on August 13, or 8/13, which might have been selected to link her to the 13:8 Earth-Venus near-golden proportion.