Masonry and Psychedelic Symbolism

"Masonry still retains among its emblems one of a woman weeping over a broken column, holding in her hand a branch of acacia, myrtle, or tamarisk (...)". The sprig of Acacia plays a central part in the third degree ritual; a sprig of Acacia is sometimes laid in graves or on caskets at Masonic funerals, and it is also seen on the 14th Degree cordon. As a matter of fact, in ancient Egypt, from which Masonry claims to have borrowed a large part of its imagery, the thorn of acacia was conceived of as a symbol of the birth-and-death mother-goddess Neith." - Rolph Klein, Grand Lodge of Alberta A.F. & A.M.

The reason for this, of course, is that Acacia is a psychotropic plant containing DMT that induces out-of-body experiences and "ego death" when ingested. It simulates actual death by shutting down ordinary consciousness and sensory perception while enabling visions. This is the likely reason it has long been used as a symbol in funerary and Masonic rites.

"In Masonic symbolism, the broken column denotes the untimely death of the Grand Master Hiram Abiff [Solomon's temple builder]; the beautiful Virgin [Venusian liberty goddess], weeping, denotes the Temple, unfinished; the book open before her, that his virtues there lie on perpetual record; the sprig of acacia in her right hand, the timely discovery of his body; the urn in her left, that his ashes were there safely deposited to perpetuate the remembrance of so distinguished a character; and Time standing behind her unfolding the ringlets of her hair denotes that time, patience and perseverance will accomplish all things."
- Albert Pike 33°, Morals and Dogma, page 379

From this, the next logical question is do Masons replicate any of the ancient Hebrew communion rites incorporating Acacia, perhaps in the orders beyond 32°? And since Mormonism is largely based on Freemasonry and Solomon's temple rites, might they too take an Acacia communion in the inner circle?

To this I have no answer. But given the long connection between the Temple of Jerusalem and sacred Acacia - and recorded evidence that Joseph Smith used some sort of entheogen in his communion - it would be no surprise if it was still used at the highest levels of these organizations to access "celestial realms" and reconnect with the "Secret Chiefs" or "Ascended Masters" often discussed in esoteric circles.