Harmonic Geometry of the Head

In the illustration, the Blueprint is shown to align with each of the sensory organs of the head. When this is filled out recursively using a reflected Gaussian interference function, the overall harmonic geometry of the face becomes quite apparent.

Specific frequencies in the interference pattern naturally define different physiological features, such as the shape of the eyes and overall spacing. Damping locations corresponding to the golden mean would then create apertures in the cranial egg to allow input of external stimuli. Wherever resonance is least is where openings and canals will form.

We might reasonably conclude that biological evolution is guided by this resonance pattern, one presumably created by the bonding of carbon-12 and water. If so, then life can be accurately described as a mirror of the resonant bond between Venus and Earth.

Perhaps ancient Vedic priests viewed the human head just like this - a microcosm of the Venus Blueprint. Building their temples with this universal pattern, they could easily create a sacred space that would tune the temple of the mind to the most coherent frequency of nature.