What is Real?

“There are three ways, three routes, to define what is real. One is The Way of the Unthinkable, another is The Way of Subjectivity, and the other is The Way of Objectivity.”

“The Un-thinkable Way states that no possibilities exist. That means that I don’t exist, you don’t exist, this world doesn’t exist, and everything that you virtually think exists doesn’t exist. There is a flaw with this method, however, for if no rationally conceivable things exist, then existence itself does not exist, which signifies that it is impossible to speak of existence. However, by saying that no rationally conceivable things exist, such as you and I, one is implying that existence itself exists, for it is spoken of, yet The Unthinkable Way states that existence does not exist. Therefore, there is a flaw in this theory.”

“The Unthinkable Way is consistent, for it consistently states that no possibilities at all exist. If it were to say that some things exist, while other things do not exist, then it would clearly be inconsistent; however, it is clearly consistent, because it states that no rationally conceivable things exist. This is a mark for it, yet there is a mark against it, and this mark occurs, because The Unthinkable Way is incoherent; it doesn’t make sense. The theory states that no rationally conceivable things exist, yet it speaks of existence as if it exists, and therefore, this makes this way incoherent.”

“The Way of Subjectivity states that some possibilities exist, and some possibilities do not exist. However, it will never be proven that things that are are not. If you speak of something, you give it existence, and therefore, it is, yet The Subjective Way says that that which is is not, for it states that some possibilities do not exist. There are rationally conceivable things that are, such as a dragon. However, this dragon does not exist outside of the human mind. It only exists inside of a mind, and therefore, it is dependent on a human mind, yet it is important to bear in mind that inside of the human’s thought it is. Therefore, this model of thinking is clearly incoherent, for it states that things that are, and they are because they are rationally conceivable, are not. This is a mark against it. Also, this model, as we said earlier, is inconsistent, for it says that some things exist, while other things do not exist, which is another mark against it.”

“The Objective Way is the correct way. It states that all possibilities exist. Anything that’s rationally conceivable must exist. Elves, unicorns, dragons, vampires, trolls, werewolves, wizards, and witches exist in a human mind, and therefore, they are, and never can you say that things that are are not. The Objective Way states that things that are are, and therefore, it is coherent. It is also consistent, for it states that all things, not just some things, exist. Thus, this is the right way.”