Pyramid building modeled on Mt. Meru

The following illustration summarizes the connection between the geometry of the Great Pyramid and mythological Indian (Vedic) Mount Meru. The legend of Mount Meru as an etherical mountain of the gods extending from Earth up into space (toward Venus) appears to have been the inspiration of many mountain legends from the Greek Mt Olympus to Moses’ Mt. Sinai. It is at the foundation of “The Brotherhood of ascended masters” and connected to all of the female goddesses associated with the Venus Star. Pyramid building around the world also appear based on Mount Meru and, as is illustrated below, the “membrane of light” described in the Vedas which “inseminated Vena” and brought life to Earth could be the pyramid itself.

So we find the Vedic (Buddhist / Jainist) Mt. Meru geometry as a platform or bridge connecting Earth to Venus and the Sun (Vena the Mother and Indra the Father) with the pyramid representing the union or insemination (the light membrane) bringing life to Earth. The underlying geometry is the pentagonal fractal (Venus’ own orbital geometry) inside an egg. The whole thing symbolizes fertility and everlasting life, explaining why the StarKey design was used in mausoleum design.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the same symbols with the Meru Sri Yantra.