America as a Masonic Project

Beginning with Freemason Sir Francis Bacon who organized the Charter of the Virginia Company of London, the Jamestown Colony was established in 1607. The choice of the name "Virginia" derives from this being a virgin land and so guided by Virgo and the Goddesses of the ancient mystery schools.

The influence of Masonic principles are many. Bacon's treatise New Atlantis proposed the creation of a utopian society named "Bensalem" that was guided by "Salomon's House," a scientific college. Based on Masonic Templar traditions, this paper became a manifesto for the founding of America.

It was through the plea by Ben Franklin (himself a Mason) to Masonic brothers in France that France assisted the American fight for independence against England. Furthermore, a core group of signers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence (16%), the Constitution (33%) and generals in the Continental Army (46%) were Masons. Similarly, the symbols, mottos and architecture of the new republic were all designed or directed by Masons. Indeed, the early republic was a project guided by and informed by European Masonic traditions descended from Hebrew beliefs and the ancient Vedic fertility worship of Venus (Hebrew Asherah and "Holy Spirit").

In this painting, George Washington dedicates the cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol using oil, wine and corn. Consecrating a foundation stone with oil is quite ancient and is based in the idea that God sleeps in rocks. This corresponds to the story of Jacob's "pillow," which is a nickname for the Foundation Stone of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. Pouring oil over the top of the stone is symbolic of semen and the celestial fertilization of the Goddess.

The use of wine and corn then connects to the role of entheogenic communion in the ancient mystery schools. Grape wine was used as a base for the plant sacrament while corn symbolized the ergot-infested grain once used to make entheogenic bread (see Demeter cults). Communal wine and manna was once sacrificed on an alter (by fire) at the same time it was consumed. In fact, there was a fire altar in the Holy of Holies room directly over the Foundation Stone in Solomon's temple where this ritual was performed. Smoke rising from the burning of the sacrament was the sacred feminine or "Holy Ghost."

In fact, the Capitol cornerstone ceremony was timed to invoke the Goddess to protect the new republic. The dedication by Washington (a Grand Master Mason) occurred on April 21, 1791 when Virgo was on the ascendant with Jupiter rising at 23 degrees in Virgo. Later, on October 13, 1792, the foundation stone for the White House was laid while both the Moon and the North node were conjunct at 23 degrees in Virgo.

"According to medieval Arab astrologers," writes David Ovason in his book The Secret Architecture of our Nation's Capitol, "this degree [23] had a particular importance: it marked that point in the zodiac where the Moon was thought to promote the greatest happiness and well-being. We must presume, then, that the intention behind the choice of moment was that this beneficial influence would be transmitted into Washington, D.C."

Of course, the Moon and Evening Star are associated with a long line of Underworld Goddesses who were believed in ancient times to resurrect the Sun into eternal life when its light disappears. And based on psychological studies of the effects of psychoactive plants used in shamanic communion, the Goddess vision is not uncommon. It was from this time-honored tradition that the Columbian goddess was born, designed and delivered to America by French Masons. The U.S. government now operates within the blessed District of this goddess - a cluster of Vedic-domed temples, obelisks and esoteric street geometries.

America is nothing less than the New Jerusalem founded on pre-Christian astrotheological and entheogenic temple traditions, as descended most anciently from Vedic Sun-Venus-Moon fertility worship.