Descendents of the Phoencians

Waddell argues very convincingly that Britons and Scots are descended from the Phoenicians, who in turn were descended from the Aryan (Vedic) Hittites from Muru or Amurru.

He suggests that the name "Briton" comes from Phoenician "Barats" and that the Celts did not live on the British Isles. Instead, they were a shorter race of people in Gaul (France) who traded with the Britons. The term Celt, he argues, was mistakenly applied only a couple of centuries ago.

The Barats or "Catti" Phoenicians of the Muru, Mer or Martu clan are connected to the "Amorite Giants" of the Old Testament. The Morites in Britain, who the author attributes with erecting the stone circles, date back to 2800 BC.

Waddell also claims the sun worship and bel-fire rites in early Britain (such as the Beltane fire festival in Edinburgh) derived from the Phoenicians, who practiced a variation of the Vedic kundi-yajna fire ritual. The Phoenician god was Induru or "Indara" (Indra of the RV).

I would disagree with Waddell's proposal that the Sumerians were the original Aryans. Based on archeological discoveries of pre-Sumerian civilizations in Anatolia and, in particular, Armenia, it is now evident that Sumer was founded by Aryan tribes migrating southward from somewhere between the Black and Caspian Seas.

Here is some background on Waddell: