The Schumann Resonances

Here is a graph showing the Schumann harmonic resonances in the Earth's ionosphere, which peaks at approximate 6Hz intervals. Notice the small peak below 7.8Hz that would be equal to 1.8Hz (=7.8 - 6). This is the 8th root of 110Hz.

Notice also that the first two Schumann harmonics approximate 110Hz when multiplied as 7.8 x 14 = 109.2Hz. And, if we keep adding 6Hz to 1.8, we reach 109.8Hz. In fact, 110Hz / 6Hz = 18.3, an order of magnitude above the prime resonant frequency of the earth.

My point is the human brain resonates according to the Schumann Earth resonances, probably as a result of having evolved inside an environment bathed in them. A sacred space is thus one which resonates with both the Earth and the human brain around 110Hz.

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