Analysis of the strange Roswell rock

When we recreate the geometry from which this design originates, it looks something like this:

This is the double-ring gnostic geometry known as the Vescia Piscis with a number of other rings added. The interesting thing about this particular geometry is each of the rings are at golden ratios to the other rings, thereby creating a harmonic damping pattern. It is probably not a coincidence that this geometry is related to the proportions of the Earth-Moon system.

The ratio between two of the rings in the design are an exact match for the proportion between the Earth and Moon, which together create the proportional dimensions of a hen's egg. Furthermore, the dimensions indicated by the dashed horizontal line form an Egyptian triangle (the Great Pyramid) in relation to the diameter of the Earth. This design is certainly important, but seems very odd to me that someone(s) would go to the trouble to machine a small rock or create a crop circle in its honor. Who would do this and why?